1. Stay healthy

Make sure to take care of yourself and the baby by eating healthy and nutritious foods, this will help the baby’s development. It is recommended that you eat at least five portions of fruit and veg daily. However, don’t be afraid to cave in to your cravings!


2. Exercise

Try and keep active, pilates, yoga and swimming are the best forms of exercise for pregnant women. It won’t only help keep you fit during your pregnancy but will also help you get back to your normal weight post partum. Always check with a Doctor if you are changing your exercise routine.


3. Plenty of sleep

Being pregnant is tiring so to keep your energy levels up try and get 8-9 hours sleep each night. If you struggle to sleep at night try and take naps during the day. This will all change when the little one arrives so make the most of your sleep!


4. Be prepared 

Write a birth plan including what you do and don’t want during your labour, this will help put you at ease.


5. Finally… enjoy your pregnancy!

You have made a new life, enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can as it is a precious time for you and your loved ones. Try and relax…you’ve got this!






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