Crowdfunding campaign goes LIVE!

Myrtle & Maude is a Leeds based company and if you don’t already know, we have recently launched a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign to raise £106,000. This is so we can expand our natural nausea products.

To date, we have achieved the following: named “Baby Product to Watch 2016 by Essex Baby Show, 5 out of 5 customer reviews on Amazon and secured stockiest based in Leeds, York and Harrogate. The money raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used for: hiring a sales rep, implement marketing strategy, new product development, new range of stock, finish prototyping and create online shop website and SEO.

Here is the link to our crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs if you want some more information: 


A bit of background on Myrtle & Maude and where we came from!


Myrtle & Maude was founded by Julia d’Albert-Pusey following a season working in the super yacht industry in 2011. She saw a definite demand for nausea products after seeing guests suffer from seasickness. Once Julia developed ‘Motion Medic’, and the wristbands were on the market it was very evident there was demand for the product. She received emails, not only from customers enquiring about travel sickness, but from women suffering from morning sickness asking if the product could help relieve their symptoms. And so in 2015 Julia created ‘Myrtle & Maude’, specialising in morning sickness relief, producing a test run of pregnancy packs using funding initially provided by her family.


We currently offer a range of both natural and safe products, which includes Acupressure wristbands, peppermint oil mints, and herbal tea. We have two different brands, Myrtle & Maude and Motion Medic, which is directed towards people who struggle with travel sickness.


Our aim is to provide safe herbal alternatives for mums to be. We want to be trusted, approved and needed. We have found no other companies with a large product range who combine natural remedies to soothe nausea.


Feel free to ask us any questions!







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